Deacon and Linda Gutherie Road Trip


Linda and Deacon Gutherie

UPDATE 2019!!! Linda has found a new passion!!! "YENNA"

Linda: Welcome to our website.
Deacon: Woof

Linda: The Prudential "Day One" crew showed up at my home in Chattanooga on July 25, 2011 to document my first day of retirement. Since then Deacon and I have been enjoying road trips, family, friends, freedom and croquet...not to mention all the attention from the Day One campaign!  (Year One  posted August 2012)

2010 Jetta Sportswagon I bought a Jetta Sportswagon TDI and it is serving us well.  We had one scary back woods adventure when I was really really glad to have such a safe little car! Deacon is a great travel companion and he is documenting our travels on our blog "Somewhere Else - Travels with Deacon"

We've been pleased that Prudential has chosen to continue to air our commercial - it began it's 7th 13 week cycle in April, 2013

Smiling at you

Deacon: woof

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