The Prudential Day One Stories Campaign - how I feel


I appreciate it that the Prudential people feel my story and my opinions are interesting to others. I am amazed and humbled to have been chosen.  The crew they sent to Chattanooga to document my Day One was extraordinary. They were with me over 13 hours and I felt a bond with each of them before they left for Los Angeles to film their second retiree on his Day One.

I love the footage they chose, the feel and the tone. I really love the waking up scene - Deacon was a champ!

I hope the tone is one of hope, although so many say they cry when they watch it.  I talked to Sean Hobbs, the producer, the day after it was released and I told him it makes me sad that my story is making everyone cry......"was it supposed to?"  I asked him. "Trust me, it's doing its job," was his reply.
I'm also sad about part of the audio that was chosen. It's the part about Tom not leaving me "very much money".  Tom knew I was secure financially - he had made sure that was so.  I would never, never, be dis-respectful of his efforts to take care of me.  I have everything I need thanks to him - not only the retirement funds he left me, but the faith and strength I learned from him that carry me through lean or scary or sad times. Everyone has a story to tell.  Mine is not that different, it's just that it is being told in a very different way.  I'm grateful to the Day One crew for treating it with respect.

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